Breaking News: Who Helps Facebook with Crypto, Russia Doesn’t Like Coins and Top Crypto Exchanges

Breaking News in Crypto

Mercado Libre — South American online marketplace — is helping Facebook in the development of the social network’s coin named Libra. At this time, Russian authorities distance themselves from cryptocurrencies and analysts have created a rating of the best crypto exchanges. CryptoHound singled out five hottest news of this week.

Russia Is Getting Serious About Blockchain but Remains on the Fence About Cryptocurrencies

Even though government agents and state-controlled businesses are enthusiastic about blockchain, they seemed to distance themselves from digital tokens. Also, the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies is still missing in the country, while the issuance of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) is being postponed, according to the head of Russia’s central bank.

South American Online Marketplace Working With Facebook on Crypto Project

South American online marketplace Mercado Libre is working with Facebook on the social network’s Libra cryptocurrency project. A Mercado Libre executive told that the purported cryptocurrency will be integrated into the e-commerce platform as a form of payment.

New CryptoCompare Research Assesses Top Performers Among Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrencies data and indices provider CryptoCompare’s new research has assessed and ranked performance among cryptocurrency exchanges as of June 2019. Top performers are reportedly located in the United States, South Korea, and Japan, while Malta is underperforming in its resident digital currency exchanges.

Lithuania to Regulate Cryptocurrency Exchange Sector With Obligatory ID Checks

Lithuania is preparing new rules to govern cryptocurrency transactions, requiring businesses to prove the identity of clients. However, this is not just an initiative of the Lithuanian government alone since the changes come from the recommendations of the intergovernmental Financial Action Task Force.

Circle to Close Its Payment App, Focus on New Financial Products

Peer-to-peer payments technology firm Circle is closing its payment app Circle Pay in view of developing new crypto financial services. Now Circle is planning to launch new wallet services and facilitate digital currency adoption through cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex.

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